80 bytes per line ???

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Unix Format Issue

I am creating ASCII file from Oracle procedure into Unix box.

The ASCII file would have a complete string with more that 50K bytes.

I want this ASCII file should has 80 bytes per line,with NO CRLF.
I undertstand there is NO CRLF as I am writing it into one complete string .. but need to know what is best way to format the file with 80bytes per line only before handing over to another program.

Thanks in advance
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80 bytes per line ???

I am creating a ASCII file from Oracle into Unix box.
Can anyone tell me, what would be width of data per line.

How many bytes accomdate in ASCII per file.

Incase I have to control the bytes per line, is there any utility that can be used.

ASCII file in unix is

the datawith in file is long string

so is there any way that this file can have 80bytes char in the file.

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fold -w 80 test.txt
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Actually, there is nothing to do. In addition to not using cr/lf characters, the creating program simply must ensure that line two starts with byte eighty-one and so on.
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What does no CR-LF mean? Does it also rule out the '\n' character? If it does, then how do you differentiate between lines?
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folding a string

is there any otherway to break into 80 byte per line with putting a line break...
As fold does not fit in the current schema .

here is the document which says

breaking the lines to have a maximum of width column positions
(or bytes, if the -b option is specified). The fold command breaks
lines by inserting a newline character so that each output line is the
maximum width possible that does not exceed the specified number of
column positions (or bytes).
A line cannot be broken in the middle of
a character. If no files are specified or if a file name of - is
specified, the standard input is used.
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