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Old 07-21-2006
arguments too long error


I am running a .csh shell and get this error.
set dir=/u21/oradata/SDE/cass
echo /u21/oradata/SDE/cass
set compression=jpeg
set bustab=CASS_ORTHO2005
set keyword=cnty_2005
set resampling=bilinear
set image_list=/u21/oradata/SDE/cass/*.tif
Arguments too long.

I did not get the errors when the image_list was only 6 for testing. Now the image_list is > 3000 and its too long.

Seems I am hitting a limit somehere.

Here is the rest of the script.

set first_one_loaded=false
foreach image ($image_list)
if ($first_one_loaded == "false") then
sderaster -o import -l $bustab,image -G $proj_id -f $image -c $compression -q 75 -g $connection -k $keyword
sderaster -o mosaic -l $bustab,image -v 1 -f $image $connection
set first_one_loaded=true

Does this error have to do with the memory ulimit?

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