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How Detecting DeadLocked Processes?

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Old 07-11-2006
How Detecting DeadLocked Processes?

First let me inform you about the environment:

We have four servers (sun machines), connected via WAN to centralized Oracle Database Server.

Each sun server has a lot of users,

The Problem is
I don't a Unix Monitor tool to tell me which Process is deadlocked to kill.
all we can do is to wait the user complain about unexpected long runtime, then we begin to ask the programmers about this long time and do some queries to be sure that is a Deadlocked Process to Kill.

Is there any Unix Tool to inform me about Deadlocked Process?

Thanks for your Help
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Old 07-11-2006
This sounds more like a programming/DBA problem - assuming that the problem is an Oracle deadlock, ie. two processes are using something like:

on the same resource.

Someone in your shop has to have a subscription to Oracle's metalink - assuming you have a valid Oracle license. There are tons of articles and sql snippets to help you out on that site.

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