Number of records in a file

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Number of records in a file

hi gurus

i'm trying to get the count of number of records of a file

as : wc -l file1.txt

iam getting the correct count by in out put i'm getting the file name too

i get the output as follows "7 file1.txt"

my question is how to avoid filename in the output.

might be a basic question but iam newbie to unix.

appreciate any kind of help.

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You can "cut" out the number of records or you can use awk to count records:
awk '{n++} END {print n}' file1.txt

or, depending on your shell, you can strip off the filename:
#! /usr/bin/ksh

x="7 file1.txt"  # your command would be x=$(wc -l file1.txt)
print ${x% *}

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It was very helpful, working fine

# 4  
Just curious how this command works

does it count each and every records and store it in variable 'n'

can you please eloborate some details.


# 5  
 wc -l < filename

gives the result without the filename, because wc is reading from stdin.

{n++} - for every line read from input, add one to n. The first time n is encountered it is assumed to be zero.
END{} runs after all of the lines in the file have been read.
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Thanks jim
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FYI. If you happen to have a file with out an EOL (newline) as the last line of the file, it is not included as part of the count. The awk command will include the last line regardless of terminator.
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