Trying to remove '^M' characters from a file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Trying to remove '^M' characters from a file.
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This is a very small issue but create big problems in unix.I have faced this issue several times and found dos2unix command most easiest way.Try this command

dos2unix filename filename

keeping same filename will remove the ^M character from file.
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You can use below sed command to remove the ^M characters.

sed 's/.$//' filename > temp
mv temp filename
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sed 's/^M//g' input_file > output_file

will do the job, but to get the "correct" "^M" use:
"control+v" followed by "control+m" key combinations.

This User Gave Thanks to grial For This Post:
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^M must be removed from the end of line, so

$ sed 's/^M$//' input_file > output_file
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Yes, Hitori, you are right. I forgot to add de "$"
My sed command would remove ^M wherever it is. The "g" is not necessary because it means "in the whole line".
I'm sorry. Smilie
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Removing the ^M characters

Thanks so much for mentioning the <Ctrl v + Enter>. Many people leave out the <Enter> and it doesn't work for dummies. Just simple and clear

I was in big shit but am good now....

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i have the same problem. tried to do it with sed, but got no luck.
so i found my way to remove those ^M

cat -A input_file | tr -d ^M$ > output_file

works nice on my Debian.
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