Concatenating the two lines in a file

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Concatenating the two lines in a file

My requirement is i have a file with some records like this

file name ::xyz


i want to change my file

if record starts with " , " that line should fallows the previous line.please give script or command to get my required output file

# 2  
there is always a better solution,

#! /usr/bin/ksh

awk '{ if( $0 ~ /^,/ ) { printf "%s 1\n",$0 } else { printf "%s 0\n",$0 } }' file | while read
line ind
  if [ $ind -eq 0 ]
     echo $var
echo $var

exit 0

your input file had

i believe they should also be appended with the previous lines,

o/p of the above script


# 3  
Another way:
while read LINE
echo ${LINE}|grep -qE "^,+"
if [ $? -eq 0 ] 
   echo "${LINE}\c"
   echo "\n${LINE}\c"

# 4  
sed -e 'H;$!d;x;s/\n,/,/g' file > newfile

# 5  
Concatenate it

Another solution :

for i in `cat tt`
if [ `echo $i | cut -c1-1 ` = "," ]
echo $prevline
echo $prevline
# 6  
While we're at it, another way:
#! /bin/bash

while read line; do
 [[ $line == ,* ]] && {
  printf "%s" "$line"
 } || {
  printf "\n%s" "$line"
done; printf "\n"

Accepts redirects and input from pipe, as does most of the others. I have to say, I like the sed example above. Pretty nifty...
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Hi All,

How to combine the two lines of records in a single line using unix shell scripts.

here the file format:
first line
ABC0001 F0000000000677249 677
second line.
ABC00029980000 00000 USA0001099

I would like the output as following
ABC0001 F0000000000677249 677ABC00029980000 00000 USA0001099

need to merge the above two line into a single records.

Please help.

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