Problems converting decimal to ASCII and back to decimal

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Old 04-28-2020
Problems converting decimal to ASCII and back to decimal

i have this function to get the ASCII of a decimal
function chr() {
  printf "\\$(printf '%03o' "$1")";
  return 0;

and this one to get the decimal back
function ord()
  printf '%d' "'$1";
  return 0;

but i can't get these to work for decimal 10 which is the NL line feed, new line char
ord "$(chr 10)"

gives me 0 (zero).

Any help, please?
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Old 04-28-2020
Your code works for me:
[~] 0 $ type ord ; type chr
ord ist eine Funktion.
ord () 
    printf '%d' "'$1";
    return 0
chr ist eine Funktion.
chr () 
    printf "\\$(printf '%03o' "$1")";
    return 0
[~] 0 $  ord $(chr 97)
97[~] 0 $

Letters do not start at 0 or 1... but much later Smilie
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Old 04-28-2020
Yes 97 works, but not 10.
The problem is that the $( ) (likewise the ` `) strips a trailing newline; this is mostly for convenience.
"; echo ${#x}
x=$(echo "
"); echo ${#x}

--- Post updated at 15:54 ---

A stackoverflow article mentions a work-around. But the extra read options are likely not portable
IFS= read -r -n 1 -d '' x < <(chr 10)
echo ${#x}
ord "$x"

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Old 04-29-2020
There is Dynamic Extensions in gnu awk
awk -lordchr 'BEGIN {print ord(chr(10))}'

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Old 04-29-2020
Not sure if this is what you re after but fully POSIX compliant:-
Longhand OSX 10.14.3, default bash terminal calling dash.
Last login: Wed Apr 29 21:46:11 on ttys000
AMIGA:amiga~> dash
AMIGA:\u\w> ord()
> {
>     printf "%u\n" "'${1}"        
> }
AMIGA:\u\w> ord "
> "
AMIGA:\u\w> exit
AMIGA:amiga~> _

This User Gave Thanks to wisecracker For This Post:
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Old 04-30-2020
A workaround POSIX shell compliant.

# #!/usr/local/bin/dash

printf "\nA test.\n\n" > /tmp/nl

for subscript in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    nl=$( hexdump -n1 -s${subscript} -v -e '1/1 "%04o"' < /tmp/nl )
    printf "%u\n" "${nl}"

I'll leave you to create the function...
OSX 10.14.3, default bash terminal calling 'sh' or 'dash'...
Last login: Thu Apr 30 16:16:02 on ttys000
AMIGA:amiga~> cd Desktop/Code/Shell
AMIGA:amiga~/Desktop/Code/Shell> ./
AMIGA:amiga~/Desktop/Code/Shell> _

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