Retrieving a list of functions and reduce results

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Old 04-23-2020
Retrieving a list of functions and reduce results


My core question is how to reduce the required time and diskusage (if/where possible) on the reduce-the-list issue.
		# Get full list of all functions
		local list_raw="$( )
		# Remove swarm.{sanity,eu] and init.* functions, as they are for internal use only
		local list=$( 
	for l in $list_raw;do 
		$ECHO "${l}" | $GREP -q 'swarm.sanity' || \
			$ECHO "${l}" | $GREP -q '' || \
			$ECHO "${l}" | $GREP -q 'init.' 
	)  || $PRINTF "$l "
done ; )

/* The search pattern inside the function is ^[:space:]funcname() { # comments. */

Code: { # [FILE]
	# Prints a list of properly declared functions
	# see ./docs/{MANUAL,SYNTAX}.md for details
		swarm.protect "$FUNCNAME" "${@}" && exit 1
		local tmp_oldpwd="${PWD:-$($PWD_EXEC)}"
		local tmp_file="${1##*/}"
		local tmp_dir=${1/$tmp_file}
		local target="${tmp_dir:-$SWARM_DIR_LIBS}/$tmp_file"

		if [[ -n "$tmp_file" ]] && [[ -f "$target" ]]
		then	# There is a specific file passed to parse
			cd "${tmp_dir:-$SWARM_DIR_LIBS}"
			$GREP "() { #" "$1"| \
				$GREP -v GREP | \
				$AWK -v FS='() ' '{print $1}' | \
				$SED s,'()',' ',g
			cd "$tmp_oldpwd"
		else	# Just parse all files in SWARM_DIR_LIBS ; default
			raw_output() {
					cd "$SWARM_DIR_LIBS"
					$GREP init.*"() {" * | $GREP -v GREP
					$GREP cfg.*"() {" * | $GREP -v GREP
					# Yes, I could remove these functions here, but I'd like to keep my options
					# for a possible 'internal' section for the help menu
					$GREP swarm.*"() {" * | $GREP -v GREP | $GREP -v '.os.' #| $GREP -v sanity | $GREP -v '\.eu\.'
					cd "$tmp_oldpwd"
				) | while IFS=": " read _ funcname _
					# The IFS takes care of the GREP filenames
					# and this variable-regex takes care of the 'function definition'
					$PRINTF '%s\n' "${funcname/()}"
			# Show data
			raw_output | sort -u
			unset -f raw_output

EDIT X'th:
Some code fixes, as I did post the code too early as is - while it was in modification.
And while I completed this, I forgot that I wanted to support multiple dirs (SWARM_DIR_LIBS , SWARM_USER_DIR_LIBS) so it could be used for private scripts as well.
And now alot more ideas come up, and I need to go to bed...

Stay healthy and thank you in advance for any suggestions

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Old 04-24-2020

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