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sed add match +N to next line

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Old 04-18-2020
sed add match +N to next line

Hi all,

I got some data in this format

A: a b c dA: e f g hA: i j k lA: m n o p

Could someone please help me out to get ti in this format ?

A: a b c d
A: e f g h
A: i j k l
A: m n o p

I'd like to match A: and move it in the line below

Thank you very much
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Old 04-18-2020
echo 'A: a b c dA: e f g hA: i j k lA: m n o p' | sed 's/.:/\n&/g' | sed '/^$/d'

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Old 04-19-2020
With two capture groups and back-references one can insert a newline in the middle:
sed 's/\(.\)\(.:\)/\1\

Here I used the standard backslash-newline to represent the newline.

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