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Old 04-15-2020
False positive grep?


While I was working a bit on pick, my select emulator, I started to get an endless loop...

I could point it down to my 'arrow-keys catch code':
# Check for arrow keys
builtin echo "$NUM" | $GREP -q '^\[\[' && continue

However, while running the code - with regular (expected numeric input)... it becomes this:
++ builtin echo 6
++ grep -q '^\[\['
++ continue

Which definitly is NOT what I had expected as behaviour.
Any ideas why I get this 'false positive'?

Thank you in advance

It is even worse / more weird...
		# Catch invalid inputs
			set -x
			# Keep reading if NUM is empty
			[[ -z "$NUM" ]] && continue
			# Also keep reading if NUM length = 0 ; is this even required?
			[[ ${#NUM} -eq 0 ]] && continue
			# Keep reading if NUM contains letters
			# Using builtin echo for speed and less disk usage
			builtin echo "$NUM" | $GREP -q [a-zA-Z]  && continue	# &2>/dev/zero
			# Check for arrow keys
			builtin echo "$NUM" | $GREP -q '^\[\[' && continue

[[ -z 5 ]]                                                                                              | #
++ [[ 1 -eq 0 ]]

++ builtin echo 5
++ grep -q '[a-zA-Z]'
++ builtin echo 5
++ grep -q '^\[\['
++ continue

Now, I did comment out the the ^[[-code part, just so it fails at the [a-zA-Z] already....
[[ -z 4 ]]                                                                                              | #
++ [[ 1 -eq 0 ]]

++ builtin echo 4
++ grep -q '[a-zA-Z]'
++ continue


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Old 04-15-2020
The grep args should be quoted so the shell does not try a filename generation.
builtin echo "$NUM" | $GREP -q "[a-zA-Z]"  && continue

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Old 04-15-2020
Thank you, but nope.

Still fails.
It passes [a-zA-Z] (double & single quotes) just to fail at the '^\[\[' line AFTERwards....
But either way, the "++debug output showed single quotes in the first post, despite not having them.

Closed terminal... started a new one and now....

No colors/borders anymore... FFFFFF=white of anger....

Bet the issue was somewhere there (in the env-memory of said now-closed terminal window-tab).....
All my (obviously imagined) fixes.. worthless... once more... again....

I'm back to square one... to fix the display-functions that i THOUGHT were working yesterday evening.. 24 hrs ago... WTF?!?!
No more coding today...
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Old 04-16-2020
I do remember you being quite concerned with performance in this SWARM stuff and I would have thought the bash =~ operator could be use in place of grep.

$ export NUM='[['
$ time bash -c 'echo "$NUM" | grep -q "^\[\[" && echo yes'

real    0m0.200s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.107s
$ time bash -c '[[ "$NUM" =~ ^\[\[ ]] && echo yes'

real    0m0.099s
user    0m0.015s
sys     0m0.046s

Twice as fast on my system, but your mileage may vary
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Old 04-18-2020
Sorry for that outbreak...

But it's working now, thank you MIG & Rav, though, mostly because I droped 'those' catches alltogether...
Here's the full working pick:
	pick() { # [-1 -2 -a -m] $LIST or ${ARRAYS[@]}
	# Select an item of a LIST or an ARRAY
	# Returns the value
		# Variables
			local counter=0
			local AUTO=false
			local ROWS="3"
			local as_menu=false
		# Catch arguments
			for opt in "${@}"
			do	if [[ "-" == "${opt:0:1}" ]] 
				then	case "${opt/-}" in
					1|2|3)	ROWS="${opt/-}"
					"a")	AUTO=true
					"m")	trap "return 130" INT ABRT KILL
					"-")	wasPipe=true
			# Can not be set earlier because of possible options
			# Which state wether it is 'as menu' or default
			$as_menu && \
				local ARGS=( "${SWARM_MSG_PICK_BACK}" "${@}" ) || \
				local ARGS=("${@}")
		# Pipe handling
		# It's different when working with 'read'
			#[ -z "$1" ] && \
			#	while IFS= read -r ARG
			#	do	set -- "$@" "$ARG" && wasPipe=true
			#	done
		# Handle auto-pick (only 1 option)
			"$AUTO" && \
				[ "$#" -eq 1 ] && \
				$PRINTF '%s\n' "$ARGS" >&1 && \
				return 4
		# Show the items to pick from
			#set +x
			$as_menu && \
				printlist -n -$ROWS -0 ${ARGS[@]} || \
				printlist -n -$ROWS "${ARGS[@]}"
			#set -x
		# Set dynamic values
			# Amount of arguments
			local pick_count=${#ARGS[@]}
			# Character length of the amount
			local pick_len=${#pick_count}
			#Special handling
			local invalid=true
			local NUM=""
			local POS="$(swarm.print.goto $(( $identRight + 2 )))${SWARM_THEME_DATA[read]} "
			$as_menu && \
				local min=0 || \
				local min=1
		# Visuals
		while $invalid
			# Except the best, prepare for the worst
		# Print the input line:
			$PRINTF "$POS      $POS" >&2
		# Read the input 
			builtin read -n $pick_len NUM
		# Catch invalid inputs
			# Keep reading if NUM is empty
			[[ -z "$NUM" ]] && continue
			# Check if NUM is numeric
			if [[ ${#NUM} -ge 0 ]] &2>/dev/zero
				# If it's exactly 0, it's BACK
				[[ ${#NUM} -eq 0 ]] && $ECHO "${ARGS[$NUM]}" && return
				# It's not zero but some other numeric input
				# Keep reading if it is not greater than 'min'-imum
				[[ ${NUM} -ge $min ]] &2>/dev/zero || continue
				# Keep reading if it is greater than pick_count
				[[ $NUM -gt $pick_count ]] && continue
				# Exit the loop
				# It's not a number, catch other cases
			# Actualy, all checks below are (can be) left out....	
				# Keep reading if NUM contains letters
				# Using builtin echo for speed and less disk usage
				builtin echo "$NUM" | $GREP -E -q "[a-zA-Z]"  && continue	# &2>/dev/zero
				# Check for arrow keys
				#builtin echo "$NUM" | $GREP -E -q "^\[\[" && continue
				[[ "$NUM" =~ '^[[' ]] && continue
				# Keep reading if NUM is longer than $pick_len
				# ?? This SHOULD catch arrow-keys in most real usage cases
				[[ ${#NUM} -gt ${pick_len} ]] &2>/dev/zero && continue
		# Make 'nice to have' line break when read automatically stops reading
		if [ "${#NUM}" -eq "${#len}" ] 
		then	# Only print newline character if the entered number as the longest number
			# But not sub zero
			[ "${NUM}" -ne -1 ] && $PRINTF "\n" >&2
		else	# Since arrays are 0 indexed, 10 becomes 9 and need special treatment
			[ "${NUM}" -eq 9 ] && $PRINTF "\n" >&2
		$as_menu || NUM=$(( $NUM - 1))
		# Prepare output
		$ECHO "${ARGS[$NUM]}"
		unset opt

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Old 04-19-2020
Consequently you should replace the other grep -E -q with a [[ =~ ]].

And &2>/dev/zero looks odd. Perhaps you mean 2>/dev/null but this is not appropriate after a [[ ]] compound.
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Old 04-19-2020
Good morning MIG Smilie

Yes, I'm always getting confused whether to use /dev/null or /dev/zero, because most of the *nix flavors I use, have both.

if [[ ${#NUM} -ge 0 ]] &2>/dev/null

Yes, this might be unususal, but it helps to avoid parsing errors -> well the visual breakup <- when 'catching' arrow keys (NOT specificly).

Are you refering to the other '^[[' line just above - which is commented out, or to the '[a-zA-Z]' grep to be changed to ~=?
But basicly, neither of those lines are 'now' executed, because it's 'all' left out anyway - to my understanding - the only reason it's still there, is because I just had it rewritten it compared to the initial post (before sleeping).
				# It's not a number, catch other cases
			# Actualy, all checks below are (can be) left out....

Or am I missing a point of yours?
Thank you.
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