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awk with echo list

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Old 04-14-2020
awk with echo list

Hi Team,

we have one oracle function return like this and assign to value like this.

col_list={print $64,$64,$52,$64,$64,$33}
tail -n +"${record_pstn}" "${file_name}" |/usr/bin/awk -f <( echo "${col_list}" ) FS="${ifs}" OFS="${ofs}"

while running the script using ./ it working fine.
suppose we run like sh and it is raising the below error.

Error :syntax error near unexpected token `('

please help me.
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Old 04-14-2020
<( list ) (process substitution) not available is sh, your first example was probably using bash to run the script.

You could try this instead:

col_list='{print $64,$64,$52,$64,$64,$33}'
tail -n +"${record_pstn}" "${file_name}" | /usr/bin/awk "$col_list" FS="${ifs}" OFS="${ofs}"

Or roll the tail command into awk like this:

col_list='{print $64,$64,$52,$64,$64,$33}'
/usr/bin/awk "FNR >= ${record_pstn} $col_list" FS="${ifs}" OFS="${ofs}" "${file_name}"

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Old 04-14-2020
i used the first solution and it working fine.
Thanks a lot.

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