Tar change ownership after untar

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Old 04-13-2020
Tar change ownership after untar

Hi All,
How can i change the file permissions after untarring the file

 tar -Pcvf - $filename |ssh -p222 username@<Some JUMPBOX> "ssh user@<xyz machine> 'tar -Pxvf -'"

Shall i give as

 tar -Pcvf - $filename |ssh -p222 username@<Some JUMPBOX> "ssh user@<xyz machine> 'tar -Pxvf - chmod 666 -\'"

But this does not send the file to destination. Pls help

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Old 04-14-2020
Please open new topics for new questions.
Do not revive months old threads with new issues.

As for your question, issue a recursive chown after untar-ing on the destination on the newly created structure.

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Old 04-16-2020
I am trying the following but that doesn't work.
The requirement is to change the file permissions at destination after un-tarring the file since I am using jumpbox to place the tar file from source to destination, it is not accessible directly through ssh.
The only option i could see is after untar the file, just change the permissions there.

I tired

tar -Pcvf - $filename |ssh -p222 USER@$JUMPBOX "ssh USER@$DESThost \" tar -Pxvf -\"" >> $LOG.$NEW_FETCH.log


tar -Pcvf - $filename |ssh -p222 USER@$JUMPBOX "ssh USER@$DESThost \" tar -Pxvf - chmod 666 -\"" >> $LOG.$NEW_FETCH.log

The command shows no error but i do not see the file at destination at all

Output with chmod command
a /tmp/a 1K
tar: blocksize = 4

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Old 04-17-2020
Can anyone please help?
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