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Old 04-11-2020
Create array with arguments passed to the script

Hi guys, I have to create an array with the arguments passed to the script .... I thought of something like that ...

for X in seq 1 $# ;



but if I go to print for example arr [1] I print 1 and not the name of the argument...
can someone help me please?
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Old 04-11-2020
It doesn't work that way. First, you need to use a "command substitution" for the seq command. Then, $X will be expanded to 1 .. $#, NOT to the values of the respective positional parameters. There are other ways:

for X in $(seq 1 $#)
  do    arr[X]=$1



which will assign elements starting from 0, or, less favoured, using the deprecated (and dangerous) eval,

for X in $(seq 1 $#)
  do     eval arr[X]=\$$X

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Old 04-11-2020

Quotes around $@ (and ${arr[@]}) protect against word splitting and other substitutions, but still retain the list of argument members (and other array members).

In contrast, with $* and ${arr[*]} the quotes would enforce one string.
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