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Old 04-09-2020
Hi @bedtime
thank you. Indeed, translating into French is much more complicated.
I tagged a release in v2.0.0 with support for multi-line subtitles.
Maybe this will change the situation? In addition, in the .txt file for the translation,
I put a semicolon (only in the develop branch; you can use a period, just change this in the 112 line).
It gave out only 2 errors because Google translated the numbers in the 6th line and 9th

The .ass file will also have one line but separated by \N.
In the .txt files, lines without numbers belong to the subtitle upward number.
I want to remind you that if a stop occurs, it is better to exit the program
to edit the file according to the suggested prompts and after restarting the program
it will continue to execute from where it was stopped. Again, the same test will pass
and if there are any uncorrected errors, you can endlessly remain at the same level of program execution.
Try it very conveniently.
I can't try the point "." because I was again banned in Google Smilie and even 'torsocks' does not help
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Combining two perl commands into one-error1png
Combining two perl commands into one-error2png

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Old 04-09-2020
I wanted to try to write everything in an AWK script, but it's not so easy to encode utf-8 text in URLs through AWK
awk -F '",["n]' '
  text = "I%20do%20not%20know%20how%20to%20encode%20a%20text%0Ain%20an%20awk%20for%20a%20url%20request"
  HttpService = "/inet/tcp/0/"
  print "GET" text |& HttpService
  while ((HttpService |& getline) > 0)
     if($0 ~ /^[,[]+"/ ) {sub(/^[,[]+"/, "", $1); print $1, "==", $2} 

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Old 04-09-2020
I can't try the point "." because I was again banned in Google Smilie and even 'torsocks' does not help
If Google bans me when I'm using method #1 (below), I simply use method #2, and vice-versa.

Method #1 translation=$(wget -U "Mozilla/5.0" -q -O- "$source_lang&tl=$target_lang&dt=t&q=$line" | perl -lne 'push @a,/(?<!\,\[\[)\[\"(.*?)(?<!\\)\"/g;END{print "@a"}' | perl -CS -pwe 's/\N{U+005C}\N{U+0022}\s?/\N{U+0022}/g;')

Method #2 translation=$(trans -s en -t fr -b "$line")

Perhaps method #2 uses an API and Google sees it as a separate thing? Anyways, it's always worked for me. I must caution you that you cannot safely translate in bulk more often than every 12 seconds. You may get away with it for several rounds, but you will inevitably be banned. You have this set to 2 seconds. It bans me when I follow your default.

I wanted to try to write everything in an AWK script, but it's not so easy to encode utf-8 text in URLs through AWK

For something like this, I would highly recommend Perl; it's much more powerful and was made to handle all kinds of file formats that awk and sed can't do. Awk and sed cannot even do a REGEX look-behind.

I've been at the computer for hours, so I'm taking a break. I'll test your fixes when I'm refreshed (tonight or tomorrow).
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Old 04-10-2020
I've attached the results. None of the subtitles seemed to translate properly. At least with me. I made sure to get rid of the '\r' on each .srt file with your code.

All the above files worked with my new program with about 99.98% accuracy (998/1000 were fine). I'm going to guess that awk is messing things up in your program, but I'm not sure. French, like you said, is harder to translate, but it is essential to be able to use French as it comes up so often.

I will continue to test if as you update. If you need anymore information, please just ask.


So frustrating. In my program, Google Translate really cannot be depended upon to give you back information exactly as you sent it:

 ((1)) I'd been living with Marianne almost 3 years ((2)) in an apartment belonging to her. ((3)) Things were fine between us, till she said one day: ((4)) Got a second? ((5)) Yes, why? ((6)) To tell you something, but it may be a bad time. ((7)) Go on, say it. What's wrong? ((8)) I'm pregnant. ((9)) You're pregnant... ((10)) That's great. ((11)) Is it a problem for you? ((12)) Abel... ((13)) I'm pregnant, but not from you. ((14)) What? ((15)) I'm not pregnant from you. ((16)) So... from who then? ((17)) Paul. ((18)) You had a thing with Paul? ((19)) Yes. ((20)) Since when? ((21)) A little over a year. ((22)) But Paul is someone... ((23)) so... ((24)) So what? ((25)) So different, so... ((26)) Different from who? ((27)) I don't know... you know Paul's family. ((28)) They know. ((29)) If you've seen his family, what does it mean? ((30)) It means we may have to get married. ((31)) It means a lot to his parents. ((32)) Yes, they're a bit conventional, but... ((33)) You haven't chosen a date? ((34)) It's been saved. ((35)) Paul wants you to come. ((36)) Unless it bothers you. It's up to you. ((37)) When is it? ((38)) The 26th. ((39)) Of this month? ((40)) We prefer to act quickly, because of... ((41)) You want me to pack my stuff? ((42)) You still have time, but before the 26th is best. ((43)) What's today? ((44)) The 16th. ((45)) I have to go. I'll be late. ((46)) Maybe it wasn't the right time to tell you. ((47)) I'm glad you're taking it well. ((48)) He thought you'd be angry. ((49)) I kept reassuring him. ((50)) Can he call you today? ((51))


((1)) C'était comme si nous vivions ensemble. ((2)) Je me souviens, ((3)) un jour, il a laissé sa voiture déverrouillée. ((4)) J'ai même ... ((5)) Attends, qu'est-ce que je dis? ((6)) C'était avant. J'étais plus jeune. ((7)) Quoi qu'il en soit, j'ai ouvert la porte ... ((8)) et j'ai pris une photo de moi à l'intérieur, ((9)) comme si j'étais à côté de lui et qu'il conduisait. ((10)) Je m'imaginais aller à Venise. ((11)) Lors de notre lune de miel. ((12)) Ce jour-là, j'ai pensé: ((13)) 'Il m'a vu à coup sûr. ((14)) Nous sommes un couple. Nous sommes amoureux. Nous partons ensemble. ((15)) Le Il s'est enfui. Il ne m'avait pas vu. ((16)) Il était en retard au travail. ((17)) Ce jour-là, ((18)) sans argent pour un ticket de métro, ((19)) Je suis rentré à pied de la banlieue. ((20)) Je détestais Marianne de l'avoir pris de moi. ((21)) quand elle a choisi mon frère Paul. '((23)) Mais quand Marianne a quitté Abel, ((24)) il a bougé et je l'ai perdu de vue. ((25)) Pendant les cinq années suivantes, ((26)) je n'ai pas vu Abel. ( (27)) Bien sûr, j'ai eu quelques aventures, ((28)) mais aucune mérite d'être racontée. ((29)) Maintenant que j'y pense, tout ce temps, ((30)) je n'ai bien fait qu'une chose. ((31)) J'ai grandi. ((32)) Puis un jour, par hasard, j'ai vu Abel. ((33)) Je suis Eve, la sœur de Paul. ((34)) Bonjour, Eve. ((35 )) Vous avez grandi. ((36)) Merci. ((37)) - Ça va? - Je vais bien. ((38)) Et vous? N'avez-vous pas fait du théâtre? ((39)) Oui, mais je me suis arrêté au théâtre. ((40)) Je ' m dans l'immobilier maintenant. ((41)) Tu gèle. ((42)) Vos dents claquent. ((43)) Êtes-vous occupé maintenant? ((44)) Je suis en retard. Je dois y aller. ((45)) Je vais déposer ton écharpe. ((46)) Non, c'est un cadeau, d'accord? ((47)) Bonne journée, amoureux. ((48)) À bientôt ... ((49)) Au revoir, Eve. ((50)) Pas même un amant, ((51))

Where is ((22))? Gone. Google Translate ate it. If I decrease the number of chunks sent to Google then ((22)) comes back, but that is not a dependable solution. If I use single brackets around the numbers, several similar problems arise with the text.

*brain explodes*

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