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Old 04-23-2020
Get your daily dose of code here!

How to make a simple 'press enter to continue' - "complex"?
You add options Smilie
	press() { # [-c -l -r] [STR]
	# Requires the user to press [Enter/Return] before script continues
	# c=center ,l=left , r=right
		# Vars
		local mode=""
		# Catch arguments
		for opt in "${@}"
		do	if [[ "-" == "${opt:0:1}" ]] 
			then	case "${opt/-}" in
				"c")	mode="center"
				"l")	mode="left"
				"r")	mode="right"
	# Display	
		case "$mode" in
			printl "" "${1:-$SWARM_MSG_PRESS_ENTER}" "" 
			printl "${1:-$SWARM_MSG_PRESS_ENTER}"
			printl "" "" "${1:-$SWARM_MSG_PRESS_ENTER}" 
			printl "${1:-$SWARM_MSG_PRESS_ENTER}" "" "${1:-$SWARM_MSG_PRESS_ENTER}"
	# Action :p	
		builtin read

Oh it will be so fun when/once I add/ed 'kiosk'-mode to several functions Smilie

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Old 04-28-2020
Ok, so while we're testing SWARM for cross-platform abilities, I had figured that 'different theme for root' didnt apply.
So I fixed that.

Issue is....
- as a regular user - everything looks good:
Blog-Thread: Creating a Shell Wrapper and Runtime Modifier (SWARM)-swarm28-root-ui-userjpg

- as root user, not so much...
Blog-Thread: Creating a Shell Wrapper and Runtime Modifier (SWARM)-swarm28-root-ui-rootjpg

This is going to be fun to figure out.
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Old 04-28-2020
'All' I had to do was to remove some echos of a bool function...

	swarm.util.isDir() { #  /path/to/dir
	# Returns true if passed string is a directory
	# This function is assigned to: $isDir
		swarm.protect "$FUNCNAME" "${@}" && exit 1
		[[ -d "$1" ]] && \
			RET=0 && \
			$ECHO true || \
			$ECHO false
		return ${RET:-1}

	swarm.util.isDir() { #  /path/to/dir
	# Returns true if passed string is a directory
	# This function is assigned to: $isDir
		swarm.protect "$FUNCNAME" "${@}" && exit 1
		[[ -d "$1" ]] && RET=0 
		return ${RET:-1}

But why it was showing those 'true' and 'false' echos only as root, but not as normal user... idk...
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Old 04-30-2020
As I'm currently waiting on some feedback about systems I cannot test, such as MacOS or Solaris, I could improve the system detection slightly.

Big thanks to @Chubbler_XL for testing SWARM on Cygwin.
Thanks to his test I hope to have this function finalized:
	swarm.os.distro() { #
	# Returns the name of the distro
	# Assigned to: $DISTRO
        	# This /etc is not as dynamic as I'd like
        	# but its THE absolute standard - as far as I'm aware
        	if [[ ! -f "/etc/os-release" ]] || ! ${GREP} -E  ^NAME= "/etc/os-release"  | $SED s,"NAME=","",g >&1
		then	local e=/etc
			local SF="release version"	# Search For
			local strcat=""			# Init empty variable

			local results=$(for a in $SF;do ls "$e"|"$GREP" "$a";done)
			local resultsFiles=$(for each in $results;do [[ -f "$e/$each" ]] && $PRINTF "$each ";done)

			# Basic detection
			for each in $resultsFiles
			do      strcat="$($GREP -i ^NAME= $e/$each)"
				[[ -n "$strcat" ]] && break
				strcat="$($GREP -i ^id= $e/$each)"
				[[ -n "$strcat" ]] && break
			# Prepare easy printable result
			local result="$(builtin echo ${strcat/*=} |$SED s,'\"','',g )"
			# 'Advanced' (aka backup) detection if empty
			if [[ -z "$result" ]]
				# This works for Cygwin...
				result=$(uname -s)
				# TODO: any other exceptions un-dis-covered?
				# Or further actions required?
			# Print output
			$PRINTF "${result}"

In the meantime I'll write, well adjust, the manpages.

You might wonder why I waited 'so long' to do so.
Simply because I wanted to have most functions 'done', so the according function is 'up to date' and I can rely - and "link" (missing better wording) to/with the function.
Also, in some situations I knew I had to drop some options and for others I had to add new ones - due to the re-writing as a process / whole.

This said, I just figured that I had missed to write an option for a function.
Thanks to this 'late' approach, I can focus on just adding this single option - rather than to remember to implement "this" and "that" when writing the function.
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Old 05-01-2020
Allthough I've spent like 4 hours this morning trying to get my USB (or at least the iso of it) reckognized by FreeBSD via a VM, I didnt manage it..
Another 4 hours later, around 4:30pm, I stumpled about an old and forgotten man console_codes(4) while rewriting/adjusting the old TUI manpages to/for SWARM.

I wonder if I can figure how to get COLUMNS and LINES out of that - as the tput guy did.
What do you think, could I actualy save time by using console codes over tput?
Would they read 'from memory' instead of calling a physical file?

Basicly I just wanted to get rid of a dot - now I wonder if I should add some more variables... Smilie

At least I'm in the 'Lets write some manpages mood' now Smilie

And to add a 'current time' joke:
Figured there is a pandemic going around, so I thought it is a good time for doc-days Smilie

--- Post updated at 18:27 ---

Oh riiiiiiight... just so you know...
We're talking about ~50'ish manpages in total...

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