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Array size in C shell scripting

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In the below code, data is copied from one array variable to another array variable. is it possible to copy a data from a variable (which is not an array) to a variable which is an array?

set ARRAY = ( a b c d e f)

set master_array =
set i = 0

while ( $i < 4 )

set master_array = ( $master_array $ARRAY[$i] )
@ i++

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Say you have four values in variable VALS like this a b c d then you can build an array containing these with a simple set statement.
$ set VALS="a b c d"
$ set master_array = ( $VALS )
$ echo ${#master_array}

or if you have 4 separate variables A1 thru A4 you could use eval like this:

set A1=a
set A2=b
set A3=c
set A4=d

set master_array =
set i = 1

while ( $i < 5 )
  set master_array = ( $master_array:q `eval echo \$A$i` )
  @ i++

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