Feedback wanted for upcoming script language

Poll: How many letters shall the core commands have?
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How many letters shall the core commands have?

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Feedback wanted for upcoming script language


I'm currently rewriting a project from install-required to a pure runtime form.
The former had required the project name and the definition of the command as name, as they all become functions now, this could be shorter.

As you might have figured, the project already exists in another form - the first iteration I had done.
With the new change to make it pure runtime - it was not slow before, but - it will be alot faster.
And as before, cross-platform, arch independant, working at runlevel 1 or higher.

Simplified use of select, yesno (read), themes, or starting of relevant GUI or CLI commands (editor, webbrowser) where available/required.
No worries wether curl or wget is installed by the use of 'download', and lots, lots more!

Question (Poll):
When you write a script, what would you prefer to be a command?
* a 6 -7 letter 'word'
* a 2 letter 'word' of which 1 is capital?

Be aware, this would replace your current 'echo' or 'printf' commands that are supposed to be seen by the end user.
(I trust your intellect to extrapolate the approriate values at the poll)

This only refers to the 2-4 absolute core display functions.
In a simplified prespective, I use:
* echo : for final outputs - starting on a new line afterwards
* printf : for ongoing changes
* I'd like to have a 'header' for a project
* and a 'title' for different section or topics

Mostly because I do not want to 'reuse' echo, allthough SWARM is a Shell Wrapper...
Or should I?
It would be easier, but could you differ print and echo for end user output vs. $PRINTF and $ECHO for internal use (though, the latter is required anyway)?
This is something I cant decide 'for myself' when I want others to 'get along' with it. (the game of numbers)

A 2 letter 'word' would require only 3 keystrokes, while a 6-7 letter 'word' would not require shift.

Addon question (Comment):
Would you prefer the commands 'title' and 'header' to have as such, or be adapted to the result of the poll?

See screenshot - This is how SWARM can look like (note: select is now handled too and root has a different theme):
'Topline' = header
'2nd' line = title
'3rd' line + = 'echo' or 'printf' replacements


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I voted for the 6/7 letter word option for a couple of reasons. I feel the command(s) would be more self-documenting with longer names. Google, searches, etc for command will avoid false positives for the existing variant of command without capital letters.
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Hi sea...

As with Chubler_XL the more verbose the command the better.
The rest is your personal choice except perhaps that echo should be kept in its POSIX simplest form to make it as portable as possible.
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