Need help grep multiple ports in a file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need help grep multiple ports in a file.
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Need help grep multiple ports in a file.

I wish to grep for an entry in a file if it contains and does not start with #, Listen 443 or Listen 9443

Below is what helped me get Listen 443 but how can I tweak the below command to also include Listen 9443 port ?

Note: Listen 8443 or Listen 4438 should fail in the grep.

grep -i '^Listen.*443$' /tmp/server.xml | grep -v '#'

grep -w helps find exact word.

Can you please suggest ?

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grep -i '^listen\s*443$'

and no extra "grep" command needed

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grep -ix 'listen\s*433'

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Only match 443 or 9443, most simple as ERE (egrep or grep -E)
egrep '^Listen[[:blank:]]+9?443$'

Using a Posix character class rather than a GNU \s
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