[Tip] A better echo

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[Tip] A better echo

Often it has been said that echo is neither portable nor correct.
Here is an input.txt:

Then the following fails with BSD/Linux/bash:
while IFS= read line
  echo "$line"
done < input.txt

It is elegantly improved by means of an echo function:
  ( IFS=" "; printf "%s\n" "$*" )

while IFS= read line
  echo_ "$line"
done < input.txt

(Of course you can directly use the printf instead of the echo function.)
Further it provides compatibility with ksh/sh/psh/ash/dash, and even an old Bourne shell might work.

The following is a suite of echo functions that lets you easily go into a script and replace
  • echo with echo_
  • echo -n with echo_n
  • echo -e with echo_e
  • echo -ne or echo -n -e with echo_ne
  • echo -en or echo -e -n with echo_ne (or echo_en)

# Simple echo
  ( IFS=" "; printf "%s\n" "$*" )

# Portable echo -n
echo_n() {
  ( IFS=" "; printf "%s" "$*" )

# Portable echo -e
echo_e() {
  ( IFS=" "; printf "%b\n" "$*" )

# Portable echo -ne
echo_ne() {
  ( IFS=" "; printf "%b" "$*" )

alias echo_en=echo_ne

Last edited by MadeInGermany; 12-18-2019 at 08:25 AM.. Reason: Fixes, thanks to Scrutinizer
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Hi MadeInGermany,

Can't you use:
echo_e() {
  printf "%b\n" "$*" 


The use of "$*" means that this only works as long as IFS is at the default:

$ IFS=,
$ echo -e "a\nb" c d
b c d
$echo_e "a\nb" c d

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SmilieTwo times thank you, Scrutinizer!Smilie
I didn't yet discover the %b or thought it's a GNUism. But seems to be standard.
Now I set IFS=" " in a sub shell.
I have implemented the fixes in my original post.
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