sed replace is giving me sore thumbs

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# 1  
sed replace is giving me sore thumbs

I want to replace only the exact match of string inside the file with another value during the run time.

I have a file filename.txt
where contents are:


now in my script
I have variable and tried to replace the value of that variable in version line with double quotes and comma.

sed -i -e "s/version=.*/version="""$new_version""",/g"  filename.txt

the above kind of working, but it also replace the version in url and also not adding (double quotes) like below

I tried a lot variety of seds to make sure my file should only replace version= in version line not in URL.
that includes \< \> or ^. None of them are working.

I would like my o/p to be like below after sed

--- Post updated at 08:09 AM ---

never mind, guys fixed it.

Last edited by manas_ranjan; 11-08-2019 at 09:11 AM.. Reason: found the solution looking for.
# 2  
Please share with us your final working code.

# 3  
The fixes are ^version to require the beginning of the line, and \" for a " within " ".
Short solutions:
sed "s/^\(version=\).*/\1\"$new_version\",/"  filename.txt

sed "/^version=/ s/=.*/=\"$new_version\",/"  filename.txt

# 4  
it was with quotes, that's why was not showing it properly.
below one is the working one:
unless you have something else in mind.
sed -i -e "s/version=\"[[:digit:].]*/version=\"$new_version/g"

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