[Bash] passing variables to executable doesn't work

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[Bash] passing variables to executable doesn't work

Bash version 4.4.20 / Ubuntu 16.0.4

I tried to write a script that gathers some data and passes them to an executable.
The executed application answers with an error. The echo output in the script returns correct values.
If I copy/paste the last echo command, it get's executed correctly.

You can't reproduce the error, maybe you can improve the code that it should work then.


#creates an array with name gettx
declare -a gettx

#enter your public address from: StealthCoind getaddressesbyaccount ""

#enter your pubkey from: StealthCoind getqposinfo

#Does a transaction and stores the transaction id into the txid variable
txid=$(StealthCoind sendtoaddress $pubaddress 0.01)

#Fill the gettx array with the needed vout number
gettx=($(awk -F: '{split($2,a,","); print a[1]}' <<<"$(StealthCoind gettransaction $txid | sed -n /0.01000000/,/}/p)"))

#Show content of txid for debugging
echo "TXID: $txid"

#show vout number for debugging
echo "vout n: ${gettx[1]}"

#show the build command chain for debugging
echo "StealthCoind claimqposbalance $txid ${gettx[1]} 10"

#execute the command to claim
StealthCoind claimqposbalance $txid ${gettx[1]} 10

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Originally Posted by sushi2k7
You can't reproduce the error, maybe you can improve the code that it should work then.
What does this (above) mean exactly?
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Assuming StealthCoind IS a transient command then WHERE is it?

If it is NOT in $PATH then you have basically 2 choices:
./StealthCoind ...... if it is in the current directory.
/Your/Full/Path/To/StealthCoind ...... the absolute path.

As most, if not all, of us do not know the transient command then you will have to work out the command line switches and arguments for yourself.
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