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Cut between two delimiters, / and .

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Cut between two delimiters, / and .

BASH : I have a very long list I am parsing through:

10/10/19 13:47:24,unique,unique,5816-14-0-4756FAA-20181030000000-20181030000000-5817,4.900500,0.000000,2785,0,79,43645844,2801458,3,1376,79,16140365,11900137,5816,5817,4756FAA,14,0,17835,17835,10/30/18,10/30/18,71,0,0,0,/mount/extract/output/unique/999FAAA.325.unique.unique,10/30/18 00:00:00,10/30/18 00:00:00,43645844

Here's what I am currently doing

[user@server tmp]$ cut -d '/' -f 12 out.out

Here is what I need:


I've tried a few iterations of awk,. but I cant get that to work. Is there a way to pipe two cut commands together?

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If your output were the input file then you would use another cut -d '.' -f 1 on it.
You can chain the two cut commands with a pipe:
cut -d '/' -f 12 out.out | cut -d '.' -f 1

cut reads from the input (stdin) unless it gets an argument (filename).
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As the number of / may vary with path depth, or with the locale date format, it might be safer to extract the relevant field first from that comma delimited file:
cut -d ',' -f 30 file

and then extract the filename part as suggested.

EDIT: Try one more iteration of awk:
awk -F, '{gsub ("^.*/|\..*$", _, $30); print $30}' file

# 4  
You could try something like this too, except my "-f" value is "10":
echo '10/10/19 13:47:24,unique,unique,5816-14-0-4756FAA-20181030000000-20181030000000-5817,4.900500,0.000000,2785,0,79,43645844,2801458,3,1376,79,16140365,11900137,5816,5817,4756FAA,14,0,
17835,17835,10/30/18,10/30/18,71,0,0,0,/mount/extract/output/unique/999FAAA.325.unique.unique,10/30/18 00:00:00,10/30/18 00:00:00,43645844' > /tmp/out.out

text=$( cut -d '/' -f 10 /tmp/out.out ); printf "%s\n" "${text%%.*}"

Results OSX 10.14.6, default bash terminal.
Last login: Thu Oct 10 21:41:52 on ttys000
AMIGA:amiga~> cd Desktop/Code/Shell
AMIGA:amiga~/Desktop/Code/Shell> ./

AMIGA:amiga~/Desktop/Code/Shell> _

# 5  
you can try below command

awk -F"/" '{print $12}' <file_name>   | awk -F"." '{print $1}'

or you can use

cut -d '/' -f 12 out.out  | awk -F"." '{print $1}'

# 6  
Some more:
awk -F, '{n=split($(NF-3), F, "[/.]"); print F[n-3]}' file

sed 's|.*,/[^.]*/||; s|\..*||' file

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