Parse Directory path - awk

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Parse Directory path - awk

Hi All,

Need some help in parsing a directory listing .. output into 2 files

Input file





Logic 1
rows where $2 has the same path upto 4 dir levels and $4 is same is one sub group . , for example


When the above is true , copy the line(s) where $3 field is not empty to file 1 , rest of the sub group can be discarded
and if $3 is empty for all the lines in sub group . , copy all the lines in subgroup to file2


for rows where $2 has the same path upto 4 dir levels , but $4 is not same or empty ,copy the line(s) to file 2
Any line(s) with unique $2 for 4 dir levels , but with $3 and $4 not empty will go to file 1 as well

Rest of the lines which do not match to above 2 criteria will go to file2 as well


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Any attempt / idea / thought from your side?

I can't see your logics example comply to your specification - none of those $2 values represent the "same path upto 5 dir levels". The first entry has four levels only, the next two have five but are different. Please revise your spec / example.
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Thx ...

my bad ... i edited the question ..
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What about your own approach to solve the problem?
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Hi ,

I have only tried basic shell looping .. if then else stuff ... was looking for something more efficient as there are more than 20,000 lines

# 6  
Why does


show up in file2?
# 7  
Hi ..


In this case ... $4 is not same ... so both lines get copied to file2

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