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Trigger script based on condition

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# 1  
Trigger script based on condition

Hi Guys,

I am having below code which runs based on condition, Is it possible to check condition at the time of trigger

if [ $counter -eq 3 ];then
				nohup sh $val 1 &

I need to trigger if the $code = JP then only to trigger
nohup sh $val 1 &

My try but wanted to check in single line when i am triggering nohup script command

if [[ "${counter}" -eq 3  &&  "${code}" = 'JP' ]]; then  nohup sh $val 1 &

# 2  
What's happening? What doesn't work? Any errors / messages / misbehaviour?
# 3  
No errors basically, Is it possible to achieve in the same command to check for $code condition
nohup sh $val 1 &

# 4  
Is this what you are after?

[[ "${counter}" -eq 3  &&  "${code}" = 'JP' ]] && nohup sh $val 1 &

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# 5  
Will this work

if [ $counter -eq 3 ];then
				[[ "${code}" = 'JP'  ]] && nohup sh $val 1 &

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