Finding files with newlines in filename

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Finding files with newlines in filename

I want to use grep to find files that have newlines in the filename. For example, I have a directory where I create three files:
$ touch file1
$ touch "file 2"
$ touch "file
> with
> newlines"
$ find
./file 2

I now want to pipe the find output into grep and have grep detect the newline and hence only display the last file. I tried a few things including
$ find -print0 | grep -z "

but nothing brought the desired result yet.
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I'd use the -name find option to match newlines:

$ find . -name \*$'\n'\* -print

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Thanks. This one works also now:
$ find . -name \*"

Still... if anyone knows how to get the approach with grep to work... would be nice.
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This is how you use grep:

$ find . -print0 | grep -z '[\n]'

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For me the following works better
find . -print0 | awk '$0~ORS' RS='\0'

In shell script it makes sense to set a nl variable:
find . -name "*${nl}*"

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