Logger command not working for one script

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This is even better, specific to application. But seems like, something is missing.
Am I using correct syntax ?
[root@test-servs ~]# cat /etc/rsyslog.conf | grep ercapi
ercapi.*                                                /var/adm/xymessages
[root@test-servs ~]# logger -p ercapi.info  "XY 6990 - ERC API on $(hostname) is restarted"
logger: unknown facility name: ercapi.
[root@test-servs ~]#

--- Post updated at 03:27 PM ---

local3 worked very well. Thanks you both of you.
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Apologies for that, after doing some testing I discovered there are fixed supported facility names and local0 thru local7 are there for use as custom (user-defined) facilities.
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