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Old 09-20-2019
Correct Usage of quoting ;-)

Hello Psy,
  • Please don't full quote forum posts. Please only quote the short passage of text you're relating to. Refrain from full quoting because it adds redundant information and makes the thread harder to read.
  • regarding quoting #1

    bitcoin-cli -testnet sendmany $backcomp $json_obj $min_conf $comment $json_lst $replc $min_conf $est_mde

    It's always a good idea to quote parameters. Else the shell will split your parameters at whitespace. For sure it splits your json-object - which is not what you want. Do it that way:

    bitcoin-cli -testnet sendmany "$backcomp" "$json_obj" "$min_conf" "$comment" "$json_lst" "$replc" "$min_conf" "$est_mde"

  • regarding quoting #2

    This(single quotes) '$comment' does not replace $comment with the value contained in $comment. This(double quotes) "$comment" does.
  • regarding quoting #3

    You mean to add double quotes when I run the command? Because I have already added double quotes when I assigned the variable due to the existence of 2 separate words. Won't "$comment" expand to ""Periodic payments""? Or should I remove the double quotes at the assignment of the comment variable?
    You misunderstood the concept of quoting a bit. If you assign a variable like that: variable="my value", the content of $variable is not "my value" it is my value(without the quotes). The quotes just protect the content from word splitting. If you leave the quotes out, it would be a complete different command. If you run this command: variable=my value this means assign my to variable for the next program call and call the program named value.

    You can only get quotes as data into some variable if you quote it. ;-) like this quotes_variable='"' or like this: quotes_variable="\"".
  • I recommend to read a bit about quoting to fully understand the concept, as it is really important!
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Old 09-20-2019

I can't make this to work. I get an "stdin" error.

This is the code I actually have:
TugaRevoBTC/ at master . PsySc0rpi0n/TugaRevoBTC . GitHub

And when I select option 2 to call function "send_many", I get the following output:
$ ./
Menu --- Testnet
[1] Send BTC to single address
[2] Send BTC to multiple addresses
[3] Check Balance
[4] Check transaction details
[0] Exit
Enter an option <return>
> 2
(standard_in) 2: syntax error
{ }
Hit <return> to continue
Where am I going wrong?

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Old 09-21-2019
This thread needs way more time and energy than I'm willing to give. I'm out.
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Old 09-21-2019
Originally Posted by stomp
This thread needs way more time and energy than I'm willing to give. I'm out.
Please, just let me know if your code is ready to work and it's me that need more study about bash scripting or is it still something about the functions you wrote?

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Old 09-22-2019
My code is tested and works. But don't rely on that. Think/Learn how to know and test if the code is working correctly.

The error is that the call of your program is somehow wrong or not like the program expects it to be.

it's me that need more study about bash scripting
Yes. That's the point.

Here are some docs useful for understanding about options to debug shell scripts:

How To Debug a Bash Shell Script Under Linux or UNIX - nixCraft
debugging - How to debug a bash script? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


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Old 09-22-2019
I found the primary problem. I forgot to call one of my functions after introducing your functions to my code!

I don't know if you still willing to give me casual explanations about details in your functions. I'll ask, if you want, you reply, if you don't, no problem.

I'm actually reading/following one basic tutorial about bash script and actually running their examples. I'm also reading the links you posted.

My question is why you added the single quotes twice in the value part of the item of the list in your "make_json_object" funciton here:
pairs+="$(eval echo \'\"\'\$$i\'\"\': \'\"\'\$$(($i+1))\'\"\')"

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Old 09-22-2019
The mentioned line is the trickiest thing of all.

You need to know what that eval is actually for. Eval adds an additional evaluation round(so I get from content of $i which may be the number "3" to the content of the following parameter $4). An additional evaluation round means that quotes are removed at the first pass, so I had to add protected quotes, which become normal quotes in the second pass.

Read about eval function in the bash manpage.


The question "it does not work, tell me the error" drove me away from giving any further answer, because I suspected lack of even minimal initiative/competence to investigate the problem.

The second question was very specific and showed much more of that initiative/competence, so I'm motivated to answer again.

It's no problem with having low competence level - everyone starts from nothing. But I'm not willing to explain at that level.

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