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Replace string works on command-line but fails when run from shell script

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Replace string works on command-line but fails when run from shell script
# 8  
The echo command is not portable.
Use printf "%s\n" instead.
str=`printf "%s\n" "$1" | sed -e 's#\\\\n# #g'`
printf "%s\n" "$str"
str=$(printf "%s\n" "$1" | sed -e 's#\\\\n# #g')
printf "%s\n" "$str"

Now ksh and bash should have the same behavior.
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# 9  
This uses '/usr/bin/printf' which is fully POSIX compliant.
Just use your 'printf':
# Use /usr/bin/printf as that is fully POSIX compliant.
# OSX 10.14.3...
# $1 is '/fin/app/01/scripts\\n/fin/app/01/sql'

text=$( /usr/bin/printf "%b" $( /usr/bin/printf "%b" $1 ) )
text=$( /usr/bin/printf "%b " ${text} )

# Without trailing newline:
# /usr/bin/printf "%s" "${text%?}" > /tmp/check.row

# With trailing newline:
/usr/bin/printf "%s\n" "${text%?}" > /tmp/check.row

# Check results...
echo ""
cat /tmp/check.row
echo ""
hexdump -C /tmp/check.row
echo ""

Results using the same machine as before.
Last login: Wed Sep  4 10:27:46 on ttys000
AMIGA:amiga~> cd Desktop/code/Shell
AMIGA:amiga~/Desktop/code/Shell> ./ '/fin/app/01/scripts\\n/fin/app/01/sql'

/fin/app/01/scripts /fin/app/01/sql

00000000  2f 66 69 6e 2f 61 70 70  2f 30 31 2f 73 63 72 69  |/fin/app/01/scri|
00000010  70 74 73 20 2f 66 69 6e  2f 61 70 70 2f 30 31 2f  |pts /fin/app/01/|
00000020  73 71 6c 0a                                       |sql.|

AMIGA:amiga~/Desktop/code/Shell> _

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