Need to split string on single quote as delimiter

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Originally Posted by mohtashims
It works with the below code:

a=`echo $FPATH | tr "'" "\n" | sed "s/^ //g"`
   for i in "${a[@]}"
   printf -- "$i"

Thank you everyone for help!!
The correct printf usage is printf "%s\n" "$i".
The format argument not only elimates the problem with a leading - character but also problems with % characters.

printf can apply the format "%s\n" to multiple arguments.
If your loop does only print you can simply do
a=`echo $FPATH | tr "'" "\n" | sed "s/^ //g"`
printf "%s\n" "${a[@]}"

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Regexp::Common::delimited(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			      Regexp::Common::delimited(3)

Regexp::Common::delimited -- provides a regex for delimited strings SYNOPSIS
use Regexp::Common qw /delimited/; while (<>) { /$RE{delimited}{-delim=>'"'}/ and print 'a " delimited string'; /$RE{delimited}{-delim=>'/'}/ and print 'a / delimited string'; } DESCRIPTION
Please consult the manual of Regexp::Common for a general description of the works of this interface. Do not use this module directly, but load it via Regexp::Common. $RE{delimited}{-delim}{-esc} Returns a pattern that matches a single-character-delimited substring, with optional internal escaping of the delimiter. When "-delim=S" is specified, each character in the sequence S is a possible delimiter. There is no default delimiter, so this flag must always be specified. If "-esc=S" is specified, each character in the sequence S is the delimiter for the corresponding character in the "-delim=S" list. The default escape is backslash. For example: $RE{delimited}{-delim=>'"'} # match "a " delimited string" $RE{delimited}{-delim=>'"'}{-esc=>'"'} # match "a "" delimited string" $RE{delimited}{-delim=>'/'} # match /a / delimited string/ $RE{delimited}{-delim=>q{'"}} # match "string" or 'string' Under "-keep" (See Regexp::Common): $1 captures the entire match $2 captures the opening delimiter (provided only one delimiter was specified) $3 captures delimited portion of the string (provided only one delimiter was specified) $4 captures the closing delimiter (provided only one delimiter was specified) $RE{quoted}{-esc} A synonym for $RE{delimited}{q{-delim='"`}{...}} SEE ALSO
Regexp::Common for a general description of how to use this interface. AUTHOR
Damian Conway ( MAINTAINANCE
This package is maintained by Abigail ( BUGS AND IRRITATIONS
Bound to be plenty. For a start, there are many common regexes missing. Send them in to LICENSE and COPYRIGHT This software is Copyright (c) 2001 - 2009, Damian Conway and Abigail. This module is free software, and maybe used under any of the following licenses: 1) The Perl Artistic License. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL. 2) The Perl Artistic License 2.0. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL2. 3) The BSD Licence. See the file COPYRIGHT.BSD. 4) The MIT Licence. See the file COPYRIGHT.MIT. perl v5.16.2 2010-02-23 Regexp::Common::delimited(3)

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