sed or awk grep, that will only get the line with more characters.

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sed or awk grep, that will only get the line with more characters.

Is there a command for sed and awk that will only sort the line with more characters?

#cat file


#cat file2


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Closing this now. I figured it out.
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Print the longest line in the file?
awk '{ x=length } x>max { max=x; save=$0 } END { print save }' file

shell built-ins:
max=0; while read line; do x=${#line}; if [ $x -gt $max ]; then max=$x; save=$line; fi; done < file; echo "$save"

sed: would be (too) complicated.
# 3  
sed -n "/.\\{$(wc -L < file)\\}/{p;q}" file
grep -m 1 ".\\{$(wc -L < file)\\}" file
awk 'length==l {print;exit}' l=$(wc -L < file) file

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