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Delete all lines from file matching a string

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Delete all lines from file matching a string
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Delete all lines from file matching a string

I wish to search and delete all lines in /app/Jenkins/deploy.txt having this filename string /app/Jenkins/file2.mrt as entry:

I'm using : colon as delimiter in sed command as I'm dealing with file paths.

Below is the command I was expecting to work.

sed -i ":/app/Jenkins/file2.mrt:d" /app/Jenkins/deploy.txt

However, the deploy.txt file remains unchanged.

I'm on the latest version of RedHat Linux

Can you please suggest if I'm missing something ?

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Sometimes, reading man pages really helps. man sed:
Match lines matching the regular expression regexp. The c may be any character.
Looks like you need to escape the first colon.
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