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Script that will look the same as Cron

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# 8  
hi drysdalk,

i see.. can you give me at least sample of script so that i can follow and rewrite on my own. i think thats what im looking for.

# 9  
Why not just download the source code for crond and build your own version from source and run your own version?
# 12  
im not yet familiar with the source. maybe you can help me to create it via script like drysdalk said. thx thx
# 13  
Maybe you should not try to write a crond process using a shell script ( smells like homework ) and just install your own version of crond from the many sources on the net.

We are not here to do your homework for you.
# 14  
no sir its not. we are not allowed to used cron to our server and install, we are looking for a solution because we have many script that we need to run. thats why im seeking assistance to all of you who who are veteran. at least idea or a sample short script then i will create my own. because this is my first tym i encountered this. apology.
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