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Help Needed for creating the folder by checking today's date and, take backup using rsync command

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help Needed for creating the folder by checking today's date and, take backup using rsync command
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Help Needed for creating the folder by checking today's date and, take backup using rsync command

How to create a shell script to create a folder by using the today's date to take backup using rsync command on every evening around 7 pm.
Kindly help.

To be more precise,
I want to create a script which matches the today's date with server's date format, if matches then creates the folder named date itself in the mentioned path "/tmp/test/files/testing/".
Moreover, after that it searches for the files which are created by today's date by using find command -newermt from some path, lets say "/var/www/path" and rsync command those files into /mnt/.

I'm kinda new shell scripter however, kindly help me with the script.


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We will help you.
But did you try something ?

If using rsync, examine its options carefully.
Perhaps issuing a find first using absolute path, print its output to file then processes it with rsync
--files-from=FILE       read list of source-file names from FILE

Or just mkdir and rsync into it, without find execution.

What do you think?

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This should get you pretty close.


trap "rm -f \"${R_FILE}\"" EXIT HUP INT QUIT

today=$(date +%Y%m%d)
touch -t ${today}0000 "${R_FILE}"
[ -d "${F_LOC}/$today" ] || mkdir -p "${F_LOC}/$today"
cd "${F_LOC}"
  cd "${S_LOC}"
  find . -type f -newer "${R_FILE}" -print0
) |  rsync -av0RD --files-from=- "${S_LOC}" "./$today"

You can remove v (verbose) from the rsync options above once you are happy it is working as intended.

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