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Help with speeding up my working script to take less time - how to use more CPU usage for a script

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Rudi is right, i missed the conversion and header part, having hardcoded date value for the first field.

Please see correction :
ts=strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",$1/1000)
print ts,$2,$7,$3,$4,$5,$6,$NF

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fwb_compile_all(1)						 Firewall Builder						fwb_compile_all(1)

fwb_compile_all - Wrapper script that compiles policies for multiple firewall objects
fwb_compile_all -ffile.xml [-dwdir] [-av] [obj[ obj ...]]
fwb_compile_all is a wrapper script that compiles policies for several firewall objects in one batch job. This script takes a list of fire- wall object names on the command line (or '-a' command line option, see below) and calls policy compiler for each one. The script correctly determines which policy compiler is needed depending on the firewall platform of each object.
-a The script processes all firewall objects in the "/Firewalls" subtree. -d wdir Specify working directory. Compiler creates file with iptables script in this directory. If this parameter is missing, then ipta- bles script will be placed in the current working directory. -f FILE Specify the name of the data file to be processed. -v Script passes this option to the compiler, this makes it print diagnostic messages indicating its progress.
Firewall Builder home page is located at the following URL:
Please report bugs using bug tracking system on SourceForge:
fwbuilder(1), fwb_ipt(1) fwb_ipf(1) fwb_pf(1) fwbedit(1), fwblookup(1)

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