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How to embed data instead of reading user input from an array?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to embed data instead of reading user input from an array?
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Old 06-04-2019
How to embed data instead of reading user input from an array?

I am running under ubuntu1 14.04 and I have a script which is sending given process names to vanish so that I'd see less output when I run most popular tools like top etc in terminal window. In usual method it works.
Whenever I restart the system, I have to enter the same data from keyboard at startup. since it was asking me to enter data from command line, I am unable to run it from systemd/services as a startup process. I'm looking for a solution to embed the keywords into below script:
echo "Enter process count: "
read processCount
if ! [[ "$processCount" =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]]
        echo "Sorry integers only"
echo "Enter the process names: "
for (( i=1; i<=processCount; i++ ))
    read line
    processList=("${processList[@]}" $line)

echo ${processList[@]}

for (( i=0; i<processCount; i++ ))
echo "#define PROCESS_COUNT $processCount" > hidelib.c
echo "#define PROCESS_LIST $processArray" >> hidelib.c
tail -n +3 "proc_hide.c" >> "hidelib.c"

When I run the script, ./
$ Enter process count:
> 5
$ Enter the process names: 
> watchdog
> migration
> kworker
> ksoftirqd
> kthreadd

What I wish to accomplish is not convert user input to array, just need to add watchdog , migration and other phrases into this script so that it will run at startup without asking any questions.

I removed all lines but just kept last two lines, and run them like :

echo "#define migration" >> hidelib.c
echo "#define  watchdog" >> hidelib.c
echo "#define  migration" >> hidelib.c
echo "#define  kworker" >> hidelib.c
echo "#define  ksoftirqd" >> hidelib.c
echo "#define  kthreadd" >> hidelib.c
tail -n +3 "proc_hide.c" >> "hidelib.c"

I'd appreciate your recommendation.
Something opposite of this request:
sh shell user input and stote it to a array

Or like this way:
./ 5 watchdog migration kworker ksoftirqd kthreadd

Thank you

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Old 06-04-2019
Not sure what you're after, but a construct like

for KW 
  do echo "#define $KW"

inside your will yield
#define watchdog
#define migration
#define kworker
#define ksoftirqd
 #define kthreadd

when called like
./ watchdog migration kworker ksoftirqd kthreadd

If you need the count, use $#.

Redirect to taste...
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Old 06-04-2019
if [ $# -eq 0 ]
   echo "usage:
   $0 procnames ..."
  exit 1
echo "#define PROCESS_COUNT $#" 
printf "#define %s\n" "$@"
tail -n +3 "proc_hide.c"
} > hidelib.c

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