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Permission denied question

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Permission denied question

Dear forum members,

Below is my code, but I am getting permission denied when I try to run the script. Can someone explain what I am missing. I am using Mojave and try to run script on terminal.

read -p "amino acid: " AAA
if [ "$AAA" == "ALA" ] || [ "$AAA" == "VAL" ] || [ "$AAA" == "ARG" ] || [ "$AAA" == "ASN" ] || [ "$AAA" == "ASP" ] || 
   [ "$AAA" == "CYS" ] || [ "$AAA" == "GLY" ] || [ "$AAA" == "ILE" ] || [ "$AAA" == "LEU" ] || [ "$AAA" == "LYS" ] ||
   [ "$AAA" == "MET" ] || [ "$AAA" == "PHE" ] || [ "$AAA" == "PRO" ] || [ "$AAA" == "SER" ] || [ "$AAA" == "THR" ] || 
   [ "$AAA" == "TRP" ] || [ "$AAA" == "TYR" ] || [ "$AAA" == "HIS" ] || [ "$AAA" == "GLN" ] || [ "$AAA" == "GLU" ]
	for i in HS_*.pdb.txt; do
			cat $i | grep -o -i $AAA | wc -l
elif [ "$AAA" == 0 ]
		exit 1
	read -p "amino acid: " AAA

Here's the error:

-bash: ./ Permission denied
I will look forward to your responses.

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In order to help one needs to know the permissions of the directory containing your data files, the permissions of the data files and the permissions of the script itself + your ID ... Without that we cant do much...
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Thanks. I figured the rest out.

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