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Grep from FileA, search in FileB, edit FileC > Output

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Grep from FileA, search in FileB, edit FileC > Output

Similar question to my previous posts. I am sorry for the trouble...
Just checked my old threads but I can not implement any solution into this case..
My aim is to grab each line in fileA, check it in fileB and merge with fileC (tab separated) in corresponding line as given below:
FileA: just nba teams,
FileB: nba teams with a couple of team players (team-player-team-player-team-player)
FileC: my current file
Output: merged output
Golden State Warriors
Boston Celtics
New York Knicks
Toronto Raptors
Chicago Bulls

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors

Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics

New York Knicks
New York Knicks
New York Knicks

Golden State Warriors	Jordan_Bell
Boston_Celtics	Jaylen_Brown
New York Knicks	Henry_Ellenson
Toronto_Raptors	OG_Anunoby
Chicago Bulls	Raw_Alkins

Golden State Warriors	Jordan_Bell	Andrew_Bogut	Quinn_Cook
Boston Celtics	Jaylen_Brown	PJ_Dozier	Jonathan_Gibson
New York Knicks	Henry_Ellenson		Mario_Hezonja	Isaiah_Hicks	John_Jenkins
Toronto_Raptors		OG_Anunoby
Chicago Bulls	Raw_Alkins

Multiple loops caused intensive headache here..
I'd appreciate your help..

Edit: I am near to solution with awk.. Working on it...

I think that Vgersh's old post will do that...
awk -f test.awk FileA FileB FileC

FNR==NR { a[$1];next}
$1 in a {a[$1]=a[$1] OFS $2}
  for (i in a)
    print i,a[i]

Solved: Even though file format is a bit different, it works with some extra manipulation.

Thank you

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I don't think that will fly. You seem to use underscores and spaces in team names inconsistently, don't set the correct OFS variable, and your file2 doesn't have a meaningful $2 in the structure that you show and describe.
Try instead
awk -F"\t" '
FNR == 1        {++FC
FC == 1         {a[$1]
FC == 2 && NF   {getline T
                 a[$1] = a[$1] (a[$1]?OFS:"")  T
NF              {print $0, a[$1]
                 delete a[$1]
' OFS="\t" fileA fileB fileC
 Golden State Warriors	Jordan Bell	Andrew Bogut	Quinn Cook
Boston Celtics	Jaylen Brown	PJ Dozier	Jonathan Gibson
New York Knicks	Henry Ellenson	Mario Hezonja	Isaiah Hicks	John Jenkins
Toronto Raptors	OG Anunoby	
Chicago Bulls	Raw Alkins	

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Thank you Rudic,
I had to change the files while testing but I will run as you leaded.

Kind regards
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