Create csv from four disparate files

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for FN in *.out                                 # cycle through ALL *.out files (you could narrow it down somewhat by using *account.out)
  do    H=${FN%%.*}                             # use "parameter expansion" to remove everything beyond first
                                                #   dot (= beyond "host_n") and assign to H
        if [ ! "$H" = "$OH" ]                   # check if new host_n (different from old H)
          then  OH=$H                           # save new $H into old H, and
                echo "host,accounts,max,pwd,standard"                   # print header
                echo $H | paste -d, - $H*.out | sed 's/, \+/,/'         # create csv fields / lines 

                } > $H.result                   # save all output to result file

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Thank you.
My head was failing at using a new variable within the if statement.
I've a lot learn when it comes to this stuff.

Most of the time I smash on something, poke about this and other sites until I come up with something that works.
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