Sftp mget file search with casensitive

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Sftp mget file search with casensitive

Hi ,
we are not able to get file name is different casesensitive in sftp server.
for example, if the files are any case that means upper or lower case ,i need to get the filenames using the mget command in sfp.

sftp>mget Test.txt

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Not clear. Details, please. Where are you stuck? What does and what doesn't work?
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Thanks for quick reply
in sftp server n number of files are there

i want to get the files if any casesentive.

sftp>mget Test.txt  ----> if run this one, we will download only one file. i want to download all files from sftp server

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sftp doesn't have mget - get allows for globbing. Try (untested)
get [tT][eE][sS][tT].[tT][xX][tT]

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if the file name contains more than one character ,it is very difficult process. Any way is there?
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