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How to set up a GNOME zenity?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to set up a GNOME zenity?
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How to set up a GNOME zenity?

I'm creating a script that goes something like this:

zenity --list --checklist --title="Choose Packages to Install" --width="1000" --height="400" \
--column="Select" --column="Package Name" --column="Description" \
GIMP=( " " GIMP "Known as GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free and open source photo editor." \ )
if [ $GIMP = "GIMP" ]
	sudo apt-get install $GIMP

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Mod Comment This thread appears to be a duplicate of the thread Help with making the output of a command a variable. Please continue any further discussion on this topic there.

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