Dig and concatenate all files yesterday then save it to another directory

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Dig and concatenate all files yesterday then save it to another directory depends on the match

I dont want to use for loop since it is using a lot of resources especially to a thousand files. Wanting to have a while? or something will find files that has been modifed or created yesteraday. View it. And search for soemthing and save it to a certain folder.

for i in `find ./ -mtime -1|grep FILESINEED |head -1`; do VIEWBINARY $i   ; done

I can do that. But if Im gonna do this..

#find ./ -mtime -1|grep FILESINEED |head -3

#for i in `find ./ -mtime -1|grep FILESINEED |head -1`; do VIEWBINARY $i |grep -e COM e -NET -e GOV   > /tmp/$i.log ; done

Expected Output:

It will not save it since the find output

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I guess this is an else statement? I need help here. I will have a find and a loop statement. That will look for a file that contains NET in the file and will move it to net directory. Same goes with COM. I can run this 1 by 1 or create 3 commands. But the disadvantage of this. It will run again to the files that already been scan.
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It is a bit confusing. For example, what is FILESINEED? What is VIEWBINARY?
Perhaps the following puts you on the right track?
for i in `find ./ -mtime -1 | grep FILESINEED`
  case `VIEWBINARY "$i"` in
  ( *COM* ) dest=com;;
  ( *NET* ) dest=net;;
  ( *GOV* ) dest=gov;;
  echo mv "$i" "/tmp/$dest/$i.log"

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the viebinary could be the string command or any application command that can view a a binary file.
Thank you

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grep -e COM e -NET -e GOV # this is what im referring to filesineed.

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Hmmmmm Almost but not quite.. The script will run, after it will search for the file for the

#For the code below, I am hoping example after string $i, i want to grep the file,. I want to know the file if it contains COM or NET or GOV, then it will move it to destination folder. But it did not happen, Also Theres an error as well aside it doesnt search for the thing. Please see below.

for i in `find ./ -mtime -1 |head -30| grep datalog`
  case `string "$i"` in
  ( *COM* ) dest=com;;
  ( *NET* ) dest=net;;
  ( *GOV* ) dest=gov;;
  echo cp "$i" "/tmp/$dest/$i.log"

cp ./59/a8/9dd-225e-005056be5b.datalog /tmp/com/./59/a8/9dd-225e-005056be5b.datalog.log

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