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Pass path variable on SSH

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Pass path variable on SSH

hi Gurus,

Have been struggling with this for a while

I have 2 servers , lets say local A and remote B, I need to use both as a part of a pipeline. The folder structure is shared between the two, so I can access the same files and folders from both A and B.

When I try to ssh into B from A, it always goes to my home directory in B , I want to go into a specific folder instead and want to pass the path of the folder as a variable to ssh.

What are my options? Please assist

This is what I tried

[/serverA/]$ workdir1="/My/Intended/Path/"
sshpass -p password ssh << ENDSSH
cd \$workdir1
echo $(pwd)
## Other operations on server B

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Why doesn't it do what you want / need? Where does it fail?
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The echo statement shows the path of my home directory in B , instead of my intended path. So the variable $workdir1 is not being passes by ssh and the cd is not working.
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It's easiest to simply add a line of code in your home directory .profile file which changes the directory to the directly you wish after you login.

So, just add this to the bottom of your .profile file :

cd /wherever/you/want/to/be

(that is what I do ... )

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I want to go to a different folder for each ssh, adding the line to the profile will fix my ssh dir right?
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I think the problem lies in the escaping of the $ sign when expanding variables in your here document. Just as a rule of thumb: escape it to use a "remote" variable, don't escape it for using local vars. Having local and remote variables with identical names doesn't help debugging nor understanding what's going on...
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Originally Posted by senhia83
I want to go to a different folder for each ssh, adding the line to the profile will fix my ssh dir right?
Yes, but for me, I don't want to go to a different directory every time I login because I tend to work on the same project for a day or two Smilie

If I changed directories every time I logged in, I would just ssh in and cd manually.

It's less key stokes and less time to do it that way. If you add a different directory to ssh every time you ssh in, then that is more work (for me at least) than just ssh'ing as normal and cd'ing to where I want to go.

But then again, I like things easy.

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