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awk to parse section of csv into array

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# 1  
awk to parse section of csv into array

In the awk below I am trying to parse the Sample Name below the [Data] section. The values that are extracted are read into array s(each value in a row seperated by a space) which will be used later in a bash script. The awk does execute but no values are printed. I am also not sure how to print in a row each value seperated by a space.
Maybe pipe the output to paste -s -d, - to put a space in-place of a comma in k? Thank you Smilie.

s=$(awk -F'.' -v section="[Data]" -v k="Sample Name"  '  
$0==section{ f=1; next }  ## flag when section is found in file
/\[/{ f=0; next }        ## # For any lines with [ disable the flag     
f && $2==k{ print $0 })' file.csv  ## # If flag is set and first field is the key print k=value

Sample_ID	Sample_Name	Sample_Plate
Sample_1	19-0000-Last-First	
Sample_2	19-0001-La-Fi	
Sample_3	19-0003-L-F	
Sample_4	19-0004-Las-Fir

desired output ---- contents of s ----
19-0000-Last-First 19-0001-La-Fi 19-0003-L-F 19-0004-Las-Fir

# 2  
s=$(awk '/^Sample_[0-9]/      {print $2}' file.csv)
echo $s

but it is not array. The array is like this
s=($(awk '/^Sample_[0-9]/      {print $2}' file.csv))
echo ${s[@]}

--- Post updated at 04:50 ---

awk '
/^\[Data/               { f = 1 }
f && /^\[/              { f = 0 }
f && /^Sample_[0-9]/    { print $2 }' file.csv

--- Post updated at 05:19 ---

I certainly don’t know the complexity of your CSV file. But the algorithm that you want to implement looks like so in my opinion
awk -v k="Sample_Name" '
/^\[Data/               { f = 1
                          for(i=1; i <= NF; i++) if (k == $i) break
f && /^\[/              { f = 0
f                       { print $i
                        } ' file.csv

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