Simulate enter key

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Simulate enter key

I have a popup window that appears on every boot up.

I would like to have it dismissed automatically each time instead of having to hit the enter key.

I thought I could write a script that would execute on startup.

I tried this

xdotool key return

andy@7_~/Downloads$ xdotool key [return]
Error: Invalid key sequence '[return]'
Failure converting key sequence '[return]' to keycodes
Error: Invalid key sequence '[return]'
Failure converting key sequence '[return]' to keycodes

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Isn't that error message self-explaining?
Try - from the man page - return or ctrl+m or ctrl+j; no square brackets.

And - wouldn't it be better to analyse the boot process and find out how NOT to pop up that window?
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andy@7_~/Downloads$ xdotool key -return
key: unrecognized option '-return'

I already have. It is a known bug.

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The window id changes with each boot even though it is for the same popup window.

# xdotool selectwindow This determines the window id or 2nd method
# xdotool search --name "Error"
xdotool key --window 16777491 alt+F4

I need help with passing the value of xdotool search --name "Error" to xdotool key --window 16777491 alt+F4 statement.

--- Post updated at 06:35 AM ---

This works if run from a cli window but not when run as a Startup Application.

Using UbuntuMate 18.04.

#  Automatically close that popup windows that occurs with every boot up 
# xdotool selectwindow This determines the window id or 2nd method
# xdotool search --name "Error"
id=$(xdotool search --name "Error")

xdotool key --window $id alt+F4

# 5  
I don't know the tool, but would
xdotool --name "Error" key alt+F4

work? If not, maybe
xdotool key --window $(xdotool search --name "Error") alt+F4

# 6  
My script above does work, but only from a terminal which is not what I need.

I need it to run on each bootup.
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Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Posting "Does not work" without explanation does not help you or anyone. If a command does not work for you, please show the exact circumstances you used it, and the exact error or malfunction you received. Do not paraphrase errors, or post the text as links, images, or attachments if you can avoid it: Paste the exact message, in code tags, like [code] text [/code] or by selecting the text and using the Image button.

Thank you.

The UNIX and Linux Forums

In what way does it not work on boot? What exactly did you do? What ran the code? Was everything in PATH? etc.
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