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awk to retain header lines in output

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I am sorry but i dont understand, can you pleasecomment the awk if possible? Why are only the last two lines checked/compared? Thank you Smilie.
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Hi cmccabe,
If you take as a field separator [\t;], then the lines will be separated in different ways
fifth string:
chr1 11174383 COSM1161896 A G 264.674 PASS AF=0
seventh string:
chr1 43814978 COSM1342796;COSM86963 A G 231.262 PASS AF=0.05
And the first parameter for comparison (AF=0) will be located in different fields. In the first case, in field 8, and in the second, in field 9
due to the fact that in the last line there appears an additional separator (;) marked in red.
With the second parameter for comparison is similar
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