Statement returning error only launching the sh script via crontab

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sorry for the delay
tried this change:

35 10 * * * . $HOME/.bash_profile; /home/myscripts/

the same error


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Mod Comment edit by bakunin: Please use CODE-tags when posting code, file content or terminal output. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by mfran2002
35 10 * * * . $HOME/.bash_profile; /home/myscripts/

the same error
I told you to include the line
. $HOME/.bash_profile

into your script ( , not call it separately. This way two shells are called: first one shell which executes bash_profile, then this closes, then another shell which executes The second one is of course not affected by any program that ran before.

And please, when you post code, data or terminal output, use CODE-tags as required by the forum rules.

I hope this helps.

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thanks and sorry for my oversight

I will try and let you know!
# 11  
it works!

many thanks!

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