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Mtime or the equivalent for HP-UX

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You could use perl to test if file is older that 3 days like this:

$ FILE=.profile
$  perl -e 'use File::stat;  my $INODE=stat("'$FILE'"); exit((time() - $INODE->mtime) < 3600*24*3);' && echo "File $FILE is old"
File .profile is old

Or (not a big perl coder so this could probably be simplified). Print filenames on stdin, older than 3 days:

$ ls | perl -e '
  use File::stat;
  while (my $fl = <STDIN>) { 
    chomp $fl ;
    my $INODE=stat($fl); 
    if(time() - $INODE->mtime > 3600*24*3) { 
       print $fl . "\n";

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Chubler_XL - yes and no.

One problem - lpstat -o reports data from the print queue acceptance time, not the mtime of a file. In other words, you could send a 10 year old file to a print queue and acceptance time would be in the last few seconds. Try it if you have an HP-UX box handy.

Perl definitely is an option, but IIRC timelocal (and some other) and other date time .pm files were not on the last HP-UX boxes I worked on ( 11i v3 (B.11.31), 2007-02-01 ) as default installed items in perl.

Adding new perl modules requires going to cpan and downloading, then creating library directories and environment variables. And then coding. No biggie. But it is a system change.

My effort was simply in C because this was just a quick effort for me. And hoping it was useful. The missing year number part was what got me interested.
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