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Passing Day in string

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# 1  
Passing Day in string

I need to pass days in past 3, 4, 5 day in strings.

Today is Feb 7, so past 3, 4, 5 days are:

day1="Feb 2"
day2="Feb 3"
day3="Feb 4"

I have set day1 day2 day3 as the variables. So, what I need is to have the day stings to be past 3, 4, 5 days every day.

If it Feb 8, they need to be:
day1="Feb 3"
day2="Feb 4"
day3="Feb 5"

If it Feb 9, they need to be:
day1="Feb 4"
day2="Feb 5"
day3="Feb 6"

and so on.

The format of string needs to "Feb 3" (Uppercase for the first letter, Jan, Feb, Mar, etc; space ; numeric for the day of the month).

Thank you so much for your help!
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Please provide information on your attempts to resolve.

Until so, we will refrain from sharing any guidance.

The purpose of this Board is the assist users in solving their problems. We are not a coding service. Further, we are not a homework service - and sometimes posts appear to be an attempt to have someone solve a school assignment.

Finally, we urge all members of the Forum to NOT post a solution to this question until effort to resolve is demonstrated.
# 3  
This is what I have so far, and I am kind of doing manual coding every day for day1, day2, day3
But, I like to automate it so that I can eliminate manual coding. Thank you!

exec 1> $print_cleanup_exec
day1="Feb 2"
day2="Feb 3"
day3="Feb 4"

echo "-------------------------------------------------------" > ${print_cleanup}
echo "Header to print cleanup file :   \n"  >> ${print_cleanup}
echo "         Date : `date`  \n" >> ${print_cleanup}
echo " " >> ${print_cleanup}
prior=`lpstat -o |grep -v bytes |wc -l`
cleaned=`lpstat -o |grep -v bytes |sort -nkb1 |grep -v "${day1}" |grep -v "${day2}" |grep -v "${day3}" |wc -l `
....... snipped .........

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Welcome to the forum.

Please get accustomed to providing system details like OS, shell, tools' versions, so people can taylor their proposals.

Do you have a date version that offers the -d (--date=STRING) ?
$ date +"%b %_d" -d"2 day ago"
Feb  5

# 5  
Thank you, RudiC!

root:root> uname -a
HP-UX B.11.31 U ia64 0123365846 unlimited-user license

It is HP-UX, so it is kind of tough.. I am getting this error

root:> date +"%b %_d" -d "2 day ago"
date: bad format character - _

# 6  
check LOCALE value for cal format, try:

date=$(date +"%d %m %Y")
#date="8 2 2019"

echo $date | read tday x


echo "$date" | awk '
   m=$2; y=$3;
   if ($1 <= mpd) {
      mm=m; yy=y;
      if (mm-1 < 1) { mm=12; yy=y-1; } else { mm--; }
      print "cal ", mm, yy
   print "cal ", m, y
' mpd=$max_past_day | sh | awk '
length($1) > 3 {month=substr($1, 1, 3)}
$1+=0 == $1  {for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) {days[c++]=month FS $i; daysa[d++]=$i;}}
   sc=split(past_days, pdays, ",");
   for (j=1; j<=sc; j++) ppdays[pdays[j]]=pdays[j];
   for (i=c-1; i>=0; i--) {
      if (daysa[i]==tday) ptr=1;
      if (ptr && (prtc++ in ppdays)) out[outc++]=days[i];
   for (i=outc-1; i>=0; i--) print "day" (++k) "=\"" out[i] "\"";
' tday=$tday past_days="$past_days"

This User Gave Thanks to rdrtx1 For This Post:
# 7  
Everything my dear colleague RudiC said applies, but also, just to show you that posting your stuff is a rewarding activity:

Originally Posted by danielshell
prior=`lpstat -o |grep -v bytes |wc -l`

Under NO circumstances you should use backticks any more! If you are not the rare exception who uses an original Bourne shell from the time computers ran on steam instead of electrical power you have a shell that can (and should) use "POSIX style" subshells:

prior=$(lpstat -o |grep -v bytes |wc -l)

Originally Posted by danielshell
cleaned=`lpstat -o |grep -v bytes |sort -nkb1 |grep -v "${day1}" |grep -v "${day2}" |grep -v "${day3}" |wc -l `

The same applies here but in addition the grep can be straightened. The sort is superfluous because you want to know the number of lines at the end which is independent of the sorting:

cleaned=$( lpstat -o | grep -ve bytes -ve "${day1}" -ve "${day2}" -ve "${day3}" | wc -l )

I hope this helps.

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