Getting string from xml tags using sed and grep

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Old 02-04-2019
Getting string from xml tags using sed and grep

how to get string from tags using sed and grep
i try to capture the tags :
    	<name>main app 1</name>

and then from there i guess i will extract the string :


i tried this :

 sed -n '/version/,/version/p' pom.xml | grep -o -e '<version>.*'

but it gives me all the versions

also i try to capture :

 sed -n '/\/artifactId/,/\/version/p' pom.xml | grep -o -e '<version>.*'

but all file is printed

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <project xmlns="" >
    	<name>main app 1</name>
    		<app-name>Testing App</app-name>

i can use only native linux tools no installs
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Old 02-04-2019
You GUESS you will extract a string?

sed -n '/<parent>/,/<\/parent>/b;/<dependencyManagement>/,/<\/dependencyManagement/b;/<version>/p' file

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Old 02-04-2019
Please see why this won't (reliably) work.

In your case you try to discern between <version>.....</version> inside and outside of certain other tags (like "parent" or "dependencyManagement"). This is called "context", so you do a context-oriented search. sed (and even more so grep) are simply not the right tools for this kind of endeavour. Use an XML parser for that, otherwise you always get results that are "more or less correct" - which, with bad circumstances, comes down to "outright wrong".

I hope this helps.

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Old 02-04-2019
Thanks allot , can you please explain your sed expression ?
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Old 02-05-2019
Well, not much to explain. I deployed the sed constructs that you already used in your code snippets in post #1. The b (branch) command jumps to script end if no label is given, skipping all remaining commands (c.f. man sed). I used it to avoid / eliminate the "parent" and "dependency..." sub tag groups. Then, print just the "version" line.
This proposal is taylored to exactly your sample file, and can't be used for a more generic problem, as bakunin pointed out already.
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Old 02-05-2019
There's also my general-purpose XML script.

awk -f yanx.awk -e 'TAG=="VERSION" { print $2 }' ORS="\n" groupid.xml


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Old 02-05-2019
Just in case you'd like to have an xml-parser to parse an xml file...


  xmlstarlet sel -N my= -t -v "//my:project/my:version" data.xml
 --> mainapp.1.4


 xmllint --xpath "//*[local-name()='project']/*[local-name()='version']/text()" data.xml
--> mainapp.1.4

This is more complicated here, since a namespace is involved here.

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