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Getting string from xml tags using sed and grep

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xmlstarlet 1.5.0 onwards allow an easier command using the default namespace of a document which is named "_":


Chapter*5.*Common problems
Chapter 5 / Paragraph 1.3

So the new solution is:

xmlstarlet sel -t -v "//_:project/_:version" -n data.xml

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GREP(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   GREP(1)

grep - search a file for a pattern
grep [ option ... ] pattern [ file ... ]
Grep searches the input files (standard input default) for lines (with newlines excluded) that match the pattern, a regular expression as defined in regexp(6). Normally, each line matching the pattern is `selected', and each selected line is copied to the standard output. The options are -c Print only a count of matching lines. -h Do not print file name tags (headers) with output lines. -i Ignore alphabetic case distinctions. The implementation folds into lower case all letters in the pattern and input before interpre- tation. Matched lines are printed in their original form. -l (ell) Print the names of files with selected lines; don't print the lines. -L Print the names of files with no selected lines; the converse of -l. -n Mark each printed line with its line number counted in its file. -s Produce no output, but return status. -v Reverse: print lines that do not match the pattern. Output lines are tagged by file name when there is more than one input file. (To force this tagging, include /dev/null as a file name argument.) Care should be taken when using the shell metacharacters $*[^|()= and newline in pattern; it is safest to enclose the entire expression in single quotes '...'.
ed(1), awk(1), sed(1), sam(1), regexp(6)
Exit status is null if any lines are selected, or non-null when no lines are selected or an error occurs. GREP(1)

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